Update – Answers updated till last update which was on November 29, 2017. Here are the answers to the new levles Dwarf, Goblin, Troll and Ogre. and 2 Christmas Special started on December 01, 2017.


Major Update – Looks like the latest update have made the puzzle to appear in random order for each of the users. So we have added the first row letters for each of the puzzles as hints. You can enter the first row of the puzzle by going to the respective levels and searching through it. Have fun!! There is a new app called WordWhizzle which is as addictive s and if you need help with any of the levels do check out our page. Check for the solutions to yet another addictive game Word Crossy.

Update 1 – We have added answers to all the new levels Dinosaur, Dragon, Monster, Robot, Unicorn. We are solving the holiday puzzles and updating them as well. Happy Holidays. Support the developers by buying hints so we get awesome puzzles in the near future.
Update 2- We have added step by step solving screenshots for all the levels. Just check the table in each of the levels, you can click on the answer to reveal the step by step solving screenshot.

Welcome to, we are the no.1 fan site for this addictive game. You can find answers to all the levels of here. If you need help with any specific level don’t hesitate to contact us. As this game is very popular we had to add solutions of all the levels in different languages. The game features 15 languages and there are 580 levels per language! Even the smartest word game enthusiasts will have a real challenge to complete this game. In fact: only very few has! We have added video walkthroughs for every level, this step by step guide should help if you get stuck!! If you have time check out , another addictive word game. 94% is another addictive and awesome game which we love playing these days. We have even started a fan site to share solutions to the levels, here you go .

If you like, then you should definitely play Word Academy by Scimob. You can find in this blog. Try playing 2, it’s as fun and addictive as If you need help with any levels of . Hope you have fun checking out , we are providing solutions to all the levels of Word Cookies which is as addictive as If you are a fan of Word Cookies then check out the that we have posted for the app. English Answers Ant Answers Spider Answers Snail Answers Crab Answers Frog Answers Turtle Answers Penguin Answers Snake Answers Rat Answers Sheep Answers Shark Answers Cat Answers Elephant Answers Whale Answers Octopus Answers Pig Answers Lion Answers Squirrel Answers Owl Answers Monkey Answers Student Answers Goldfish Answers Clown Answers Jellyfish Answers Waiter Answers Dolphin Answers Policemen Answers Crocodile Answers Chef Answers Lizard Answers Teacher Answers Raven Answers Doctor Answers Fox Answers Astronaut Answers Raccoon Answers Scientist Answers Moose Answers Alien Answers Dinosaur Answers Dragon Answers Monster Answers Robot Answers Unicorn Answers Minotaur Answers BigFoot Answers Yeti Answers Griffin Answers Kraken Answers Mummy Answers Werewolf Answers Ghost Answers Zombie Answers Vampire Answers Robot Zombie Answers Fairy Answers Martian Answers Cyborg Answers Mermaid Answers Witch Answers Pumpking Answers Reaper Answers Genie Answers Dwarf Answers Goblin Answers Ogre Answers Troll Answers Holiday Challenge Answers Valentine Challenge Answers Valentine Challenge Answers Svenska Svenska Svar MYRA Svenska Svar SPINDEL Svenska Svar SNÄCKA Svenska Svar KRABBA Svenska Svar GRODA Svenska Svar SKÖLDPADDA Svenska Svar PINGVIN Svenska Svar ORM Svenska Svar RATTA Svenska Svar FAR Svenska Svar HAJ Svenska Svar KATT Svenska Svar ELEFANT Svenska Svar VAL Svenska Svar Bläckfisk Svenska Svar Gris Svenska Svar LEJON Svenska Svar Ekorre Svenska Svar Uggla Svenska Svar APA Svenska Svar STUDENT Svenska Svar Guldfisk Svenska Svar CLOWN Svenska Svar Manet Svenska Svar KYPARE Svenska Svar Delfin Svenska Svar POLIS Svenska Svar Krokodil Svenska Svar KOCK Svenska Svar Ödla Svenska Svar Doktor Svenska Svar Räv Svenska Svar LAKARE Svenska Svar Korp Svenska Svar Astronaut Svenska Svar Tvättbjörn Svenska Svar forskare Svenska Svar Älg Svenska Svar Alien Svenska Svar Dinosaurie Svenska Svar Drake Svenska Svar Monster Svenska Svar Robot Svenska Svar Enhorning Svenska Svar Minotaur Svenska Svar Bigfoot Svenska Svar Yeti Svenska Svar Grip Svenska Svar Kraken Svenska Svar Mumie Svenska Svar Varuly Svenska Svar Spoke Svenska Svar Zombie Svenska Svar Vampyr Svenska Svar Robotzombie Svenska Svar Fe Svenska Svar Marsian Svenska Svar Cyborg Svenska Svar Sjoungfru Svenska Svar haxa Svenska Svar pumpa Svenska Svar liemannen Svenska Svar ande Svenska Svar Dvärg Svenska Svar Svartalf Svenska Svar Troll Svenska Svar Trolljätte Dansk Dansk Myre Answers Dansk Edderkop Answers Dansk Snegl Answers Dansk Krabbe Answers Dansk Fro Answers Dansk Skillpad Answers Dansk Pingvin Answers Dansk Slange Answers Dansk Rottee Answers Dansk Far Answers Dansk Haj Answers Dansk Kat Answers Dansk Elefant Answers Dansk Hval Answers Dansk Blæksprutte Answers Dansk Gris Answers Dansk Lion Answers Dansk Squirrel Answers Dansk Owl Answers Dansk Monkey Answers Dansk Student Answers Dansk Guldfisk Answers Dansk Clown Answers Dansk Vandmand Answers Dansk Waiter Answers Dansk Delfin Answers Dansk Policeman Answers Dansk Krokodille Answers Dansk Chef Answers Dansk Øgle Answers Dansk Teacher Answers Dansk Ravn Answers Dansk Doctor Answers Dansk Ræv Answers Dansk Astronaut Answers Dansk Vaskebjørn Answers Dansk Scientist Answers Dansk Elg Answers Dansk Alien Answers Dansk Dinosaur Answers Dansk Drage Answers Dansk Monster Answers Dansk Robot Answers Dansk Enhjorning Answers Dansk Minotaur Dansk Bigfoot Dansk Yeti Dansk Grif Dansk Kraken Dansk Mumie Dansk Varulv Dansk Spøgelse Dansk Zombie Dansk Vampyr Dansk Robot Zombie Dansk Fe Dansk Marsbo Dansk Cyborg Dansk Havfrue Dansk Heks Dansk Greskar Dansk Manden Med Leen Dansk And Dansk Dværg Dansk Goblin Dansk Trold Dansk Udyr French Answers French Answers Fourmi Réponses Araignee Réponses Escargot Réponses Crabe Réponses Grenouille Réponses Tortue Réponses Pingouin Réponses Serpent Réponses Rat Réponses Mouton Réponses Requin Réponses Chat Réponses Éléphant Réponses Baleine Réponses Poulpe Réponses Cochon Réponses Lion Réponses Ecureuil Réponses Hibou Réponses Singe Réponses Ecolier Réponses Poisson rouge Réponses Clown Réponses Méduse Réponses Serveur Réponses Dauphin Réponses Policier Réponses Crocodile Réponses Cuisinier Réponses Lézard Réponses Professeur Réponses Corbeau Réponses Chirurgien Réponses Renard Réponses Astronaute Réponses Raton-laveur Réponses Scientifique Réponses Élan Réponses Extraterrestre Réponses Dinosaure Réponses Dragon Réponses Monstre Réponses Robot Réponses Licorne Réponses Minotaure Réponses Sasquatch Réponses Yeti Réponses Griffin Réponses Kraken Réponses Mummy Réponses loup garou Réponses Fantome Réponses Zombie Réponses Vampire Réponses zombie Robot Réponses Fee Réponses Martien Réponses Cyborg Réponses Sirene Réponses Sorciere Réponses Citrouille Réponses La Faucheuse Réponses Genie Réponses Nain Réponses Gobelin Réponses Troll Réponses Ogre Réponses German Answers German Answers AMEISE Antworten Spinne Antworten Schnecke Antworten Krabbe Antworten Frosch Antworten Schildkröte Antworten Pinguin Antworten Schlange Antworten Ratte Antworten Schaf Antworten Hai Antworten Katze Antworten Elefant Antworten Wal Antworten Krake Antworten Schwein Antworten Löwe Antworten Eichhörnchen Antworten Eule Antworten Affe Antworten Schüler Antworten Goldfisch Antworten Clown Antworten Qualle Antworten Kellner Antworten Delfin Antworten Polizist Antworten Krokodil Antworten Koch Antworten Echse Antworten Lehrer Antworten Rabe Antworten Arzt Antworten Fuchs Antworten Astronaut Antworten Waschbär Antworten Wissenschaftler Antworten Elch Antworten Alien Antworten Dinosaurier Antworten Drache Antworten Monster Antworten Roboter Antworten Einhorn Antworten Minotaur Antworten Bigfoot Antworten Yeti Antworten Griffin Antworten Kraken Antworten Mummy Antworten Werewolf Antworten Geist Antworten Zombie Antworten Vampir Antworten Roboter Zombie Antworten Fee Antworten Marsmensch Antworten Cyborg Antworten Meerjungfrau Antworten hexe Antworten kurbis Antworten sensenmann Antworten genie Antworten Zwerg Antworten Kobold Antworten Troll Antworten Oger Antworten Dutch Answers Dutch Answers Mier Antwoorden Spin Antwoorden Slak Antwoorden Krab Antwoorden Kikker Antwoorden Schilpad Antwoorden Pinguin Antwoorden Slang Antwoorden Rat Antwoorden Schaap Antwoorden Haai Antwoorden Kat Antwoorden Olifant Antwoorden Walvis Antwoorden Octopus Antwoorden Varken Antwoorden Leeuw Antwoorden Eekhoorn Antwoorden Uil Antwoorden Aap Antwoorden Student Antwoorden Goudvis Antwoorden Clown Antwoorden Kwal Antwoorden ober Antwoorden Dolfijn Antwoorden politieagent Antwoorden Krokodil Antwoorden chef Antwoorden Hagedis Antwoorden leraar Antwoorden Raaf Antwoorden dokter Antwoorden Vos Antwoorden astronaut Antwoorden Wasbeer Antwoorden wetenschapper Antwoorden Eland Antwoorden alien Antwoorden dinosaurus Antwoorden draak Antwoorden monster Antwoorden robot Antwoorden eenhoorn Antwoorden minotaur Antwoorden bigfoot Antwoorden yeti Antwoorden griffin Antwoorden kraken Antwoorden mummy Antwoorden werewolf Antwoorden geest Antwoorden Zombie Antwoorden Vampier Antwoorden Robotzombie Antwoorden Fee Antwoorden Marsmannetje Antwoorden Cyborg Antwoorden Zeemeerin Antwoorden Heks Antwoorden Pompoen Antwoorden Magere hein Antwoorden Djinn Antwoorden Dwerg Antwoorden Goblin Antwoorden Trol Antwoorden Oger Antwoorden Italy Answers Italy Answers Formica soluzioni Ragno soluzioni Lumaca soluzioni Granchio soluzioni Rana soluzioni Tartaruga soluzioni Pinguino soluzioni Serpente soluzioni Topo soluzioni Pecora soluzioni Squalo soluzioni Gatto soluzioni Elefante soluzioni Balena soluzioni Polipo soluzioni Maiale soluzioni Leone soluzioni Scoiattolo soluzioni Gufo soluzioni Scimmia soluzioni Studente soluzioni Pesce rosso soluzioni Clown soluzioni Medusa soluzioni Cameriere soluzioni Delfino soluzioni Poliziotto soluzioni Coccodrillo soluzioni cuoco soluzioni Lucertola soluzioni Maestro soluzioni Corvo soluzioni Dottore soluzioni Volpe soluzioni Astronauta soluzioni Procione soluzioni Scienziato soluzioni Alce soluzioni Alieno soluzioni Dinosauro soluzioni Drago soluzioni Mostro soluzioni Robot soluzioni Unicorno soluzioni Minotauro soluzioni Bigfoot soluzioni Yeti soluzioni Grifone soluzioni Kraken soluzioni Mummia soluzioni Licantropo soluzioni Fantasma soluzioni Zombie soluzioni Vampiro soluzioni Zombie Robot soluzioni Fata soluzioni Marziano soluzioni Cyborg soluzioni Sirena soluzioni Strega soluzioni Zucca soluzioni il mietitore soluzioni genio soluzioni Nano soluzioni Goblin soluzioni Troll soluzioni Ogre soluzioni Norwegian Answers Norwegian Answers Norwegian Maur Norwegian Edderkopp Norwegian Snegle Norwegian Krabbe Norwegian Frosk Norwegian Skilpadde Norwegian Pingvin Norwegian Slange Norwegian Rotte Norwegian Sau Norwegian Hai Norwegian Katt Norwegian Elefant Norwegian Hval Norwegian Blekksprut Norwegian Svin Norwegian Love Norwegian Ekron Norwegian Ugle Norwegian Ape Norwegian Student Norwegian Gullfisk Norwegian Klovn Norwegian Manet Norwegian Servitor Norwegian Delfin Norwegian Politimann Norwegian Krokodille Norwegian Sjef Norwegian Øgle Norwegian Laerer Norwegian Ravn Norwegian Lege Norwegian Rev Norwegian Astronaut Norwegian Vaskebjørn Norwegian Forsker Norwegian Elg Norwegian Fremmed Norwegian Dinosaur Norwegian Drage Norwegian Monster Norwegian Robot Norwegian Enhjørning Norwegian Minotaur Norwegian Storfot Norwegian Yeti Norwegian Griff Norwegian Krake Norwegian Mumie Norwegian Varulv Norwegian Spøkelse Norwegian Zombie Norwegian Vampyr Norwegian Robot Zombie Norwegian Fe Norwegian Marsboer Norwegian Kyborg Norwegian havfrue Norwegian heks Norwegian gresskar Norwegian Mannen Med Ljåen Norwegian Lampeånd Norwegian Dverg Norwegian Goblin Norwegian Troll Norwegian Uhyre Spanish Answers Spanish Answers Respuestas Hormiga Respuestas Araña Respuestas Caracol Respuestas Cangrejo Respuestas Rana Respuestas Tortuga Respuestas Pingüino Respuestas Serpiente Respuestas Rata Respuestas Oveja Respuestas Tiburón Respuestas Gato Respuestas Elefante Respuestas Ballena Respuestas Pulpo Respuestas Cerdo Respuestas León Respuestas Ardilla Respuestas Búho Respuestas Mono Respuestas Estudiante Respuestas Pez de colores Respuestas Payaso Respuestas Medusa Respuestas Camarero Respuestas Delfín Respuestas Policía Respuestas Cocodrilo Respuestas Chef Respuestas Lagarto Respuestas Profesor Respuestas Cuervo Respuestas Doctor Respuestas Zorro Respuestas Astronauta Respuestas Mapache Respuestas Científico Respuestas Alce Respuestas Alien Respuestas Dinosaurio Respuestas Dragon Respuestas Monstruo Respuestas Robot Respuestas Unicornio Respuestas Minotauro Respuestas Bigfoot Respuestas Yeti Respuestas Grifo Respuestas Kraken Respuestas Momia Respuestas Licantropo Respuestas Fantasma Respuestas Zombi Respuestas Vampiro Respuestas Zombi robot Respuestas Hada Respuestas Marciano Respuestas Ciborg Respuestas Sirena Respuestas Bruja Respuestas Calabaza Respuestas La Parca Respuestas Genio Respuestas Enano Respuestas Goblin Respuestas Trol Respuestas Ogro Finnish Finnish Muurahainen Vastauksia Hämähäkki Vastauksia Etana Vastauksia Rapu Vastauksia Sammakko Vastauksia Kilpikonna Vastauksia Pingviini Vastauksia Käärme Vastauksia Rotta Vastauksia Lammas Vastauksia Kissa Vastauksia Elefantti Vastauksia Hai Vastauksia Valas Vastauksia Mustekala Vastauksia Sika Vastauksia Leijona Vastauksia Orava Vastauksia Pöllö Vastauksia Apina Vastauksia opiskelija Vastauksia Kultakala Vastauksia Orava Vastauksia Meduusa Vastauksia Tarjoilija Delfiini Vastauksia Poliisi Vastauksia Krokotiili Vastauksia KOKKI Vastauksia Lisko Vastauksia OPETTAJA Vastauksia Korppi Vastauksia Lääkäri Vastauksia Kettu Vastauksia ASTRONAUTTI Vastauksia Pesukarhu Vastauksia TIEDEMIES Vastauksia Hirvi Vastauksia ALIEN Vastauksia dinosaurus Vastauksia Lohikäärme Vastauksia Hirviö Vastauksia Robotti Vastauksia Yksisarvinen Vastauksia Minotauros Vastauksia Isojalka Vastauksia Jeti Vastauksia Aarnikotka Vastauksia Kraken Vastauksia Muumio Vastauksia Ihmissusi Vastauksia Kummitus Vastauksia Zombi Vastauksia Vampyyri Vastauksia Robot-Zombie Vastauksia Keiju Vastauksia Marsilainen Vastauksia Kyborgi Vastauksia Merenneito Vastauksia Noita Vastauksia Kurpitsa Vastauksia Viikatemies Vastauksia Pullonhenki Vastauksia Kääpiö Vastauksia Hiisi Vastauksia Peikko Vastauksia Jätti Vastauksia Brazil Brazil Respostas Formiga Respostas Aranha Respostas Caracol Respostas Caranguejo Respostas Sapo Respostas Tartaruga Respostas Pinguim Respostas Cobra Respostas Rato Respostas Ovelha Respostas Tubarao Respostas Gato Respostas Elefante Respostas Baleia Respostas Polvo Respostas Porco Respostas Leao Respostas Esquilo Respostas Coruja Respostas Macaco Respostas Estudante Respostas Peixe Dourado Respostas Palhaco Respostas Água viva Respostas Garcom Respostas Golfinho Respostas Policia Respostas Crocodilo Respostas Chefe Respostas Lagarto Respostas Professor Respostas Corvo Respostas Doutor Respostas Raposa Respostas Astronauta Respostas Guaxinim Respostas Cientista Respostas Alce Respostas Alien Respostas Dinossauro Respostas Dragao Respostas Monstro Respostas Robo Respostas Unicornio Respostas Minotauro Respostas Pe Grande Respostas Yeti Respostas Grifo Respostas Kraken Respostas Mumia Respostas Lobisomem Respostas Fantasma Respostas Zumbi Respostas Vampiro Respostas Zumbi Robo Respostas Fada Respostas Marciano Respostas Ciborgue Respostas Sereia Respostas Bruxa Respostas Abóbora Respostas O Anjo da Morte Respostas Gênio Respostas Anão Respostas Goblin Respostas Troll Respostas Ogro Russian Russian Муравей ответы Паук ответы Слизень ответы Краб ответы Лягушка ответы Черепаха ответы Пингвин ответы Змея ответы Крыса ответы Овечка ответы Акула ответы Котик ответы Слон ответы Кит ответы Осьминог ответы Свинка ответы Лев ответы Белочка ответы Совушка ответы Обезьяна ответы Ученик ответы Золотая рыбка ответы Клоун ответы Медуза ответы Официант ответы Дельфин ответы Полицейский ответы Крокодил ответы Повар ответы Ящерица ответы Учитель ответы Ворон ответы Врач ответы Лиса ответы Космонавт ответы Енот ответы Ученый ответы Лось ответы Инопланетянин ответы Динозавр ответы Дракон ответы Монстр ответы Робот ответы Единорог ответы Минотавр ответы Бигфут ответы Йети ответы Грифон ответы Кракен ответы Мумия ответы Оборотень ответы Призрак ответы Зомби ответы Вампир ответы Робот-зомби ответы Фея ответы Марсианин ответы Киборг ответы Русалка ответы Ведьма ответы Тыква ответы Жнец ответы Джинн ответы Гном ответы Гоблин ответы Толль ответы Огр ответы

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